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Name :              Stichting Lycée Français des Pays-Bas


RSNI :             008846583


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Financial year 2021 (1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021)


The main facts for the financial year 2021 are as follows:



- The Stichting's capital and reserves have decreased from €2,099,038 as at 31/12/2020 to €2,089,200 as at 31/12/2020, a decrease which corresponds to the loss in the financial year 2021.


- In 2020, the Stichting did not receive any income in terms of financial products because of the negative interest rates and recorded the usual and recurring operating expenses in the amount of € 7992.


- The Stichting financed only one project in the financial year 2021, the provision of dictionaries to pupils leaving the CM2 class, to the value of €1,845.


- The 2021 annual accounts (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account) are presented in the tables below.


bilan 21.png
cr 21.png


The general aim of the Stichting is to study and carry out any project aimed at supporting or improve the functioning of the Lycée Français des Pays-Bas (article 2 of the statutes)


Areas of intervention



The Stichting seeks to encourage and finance, as a priority, projects that enable students to become better acquainted with the Netherlands and to become more integrated into the international environment.



Projects that allow students to learn about higher education and careers and that put them in contact with French companies in the Netherlands are also considered a priority.



Finally, equipment and real estate projects may be considered if the school is not in a position to finance them.



This is a long-term policy that is established in consultation with the management of the Lycée Français des Pays-Bas, based in The Hague and Amsterdam.



Organisation of the Board of Directors



The French Ambassador is Honorary President of the Foundation.


The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors whose six members must be habitually resident in the Netherlands. The Board includes a representative of the business community, appointed for two years by the French Ambassador to the Netherlands, and five representatives of the parents, elected for two years.


The Board of Directors elects a bureau composed of a President (Voorzitter), a Vice-President (Vice-Voozitter), a Treasurer (Penningmeester) and a Secretary (Secretaris) for one year, who can be re-elected.



The task of the Bureau is to prepare the work of the Board of Directors and to represent the Board in the execution of its decisions.



Names of the members of the Board of Directors on 31/12/2021



Sébastien Bonnefoy Voorzitter

Régis Quelavoine Vice-voorzitter

Brice Bouffard Penningmeester

Stéphane Zwahlen Secretaris



This new board was appointed in February 2021 following the election of the new representatives of the parents' associations for 2 years, in accordance with the Stichting statutes.



Salaries and other remuneration


All members of the Foundation are volunteers.

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